“Every match won is a mission accomplished” - Sada Cruzeiro’s William


Betim, Brazil, October 27, 2015 - Sada Cruzeiro blanked Capitanes de Arecibo from Puerto Rico at their premiere in Betim and it was a vital score for them, in order to keep moving forward on the competition. That’s what captain William Arjona and coach Marcelo Méndez underlined after the match.

Héctor Soto, Capitanes de Arecibo captain: “Despite many errors from the service line on both teams, Sada played very well and they dominated us throughout the game. We suffered with this ball, which is different than the one we play with in NORCECA, but we got used to it and we did better as the match advanced. Our goal here is to do our best and come back home satisfied with what we did.”

William Arjona, Sada Cruzeiro captain: “It was a good game for us. We could control the situations developed during the match, forcing with our serve and never letting them play comfortably on reception. That was our plan. We failed a lot, but it was a risk we had to take. The first game is always difficult; you get a bit anxious, but we did good things and I’m confident it will be better as the days go by. Every match won is a mission accomplished.”

David Alemán, Capitanes de Arecibo coach: “As said yesterday, we were aware of the high level of this competition. Our local tournament in Puerto Rico is not nearly this challenging. Nonetheless, we could adjust on the final set, with some changes on our passing line, and I think we will improve as we get to play at this level. This is learning, this is experience for us.”

Marcelo Méndez, Sada Cruzeiro coach: “I want to congratulate the team from Puerto Rico as they did a good job, as well as to my team because they achieved the objective of winning. We have the obligation to make it to the next round and any other result than a 3-0 could have made things harder for us. I’m happy with the match and with some specific moments of the game, especially on service. Now, to wait for Kazan.”


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