Astounding Sada Cruzeiro subdue Paykan Tehran and reach final


Betim, Brazil, October 30, 2015 - With a remarkable overall performance, host Sada Cruzeiro regained their place at the final match of FIVB Men’s Club World Championship after being absent last year. The local side prevailed over Iran’s Paykan Tehran 3-0 (25-19, 25-17, 25-17).

Many high points could be found in Sada Cruzeiro, but a very intense defensive work was the best feature of all. Yoandy Leal and Wallace De Souza were in charge of turning those defensive moves into points, leading the way with 16 and 11 tallies, while Isac Santos added four blocks among a total of 10 points. On Paykan, no players reached double numbers.

Spurred by the always noisy Betim crowd, Sada Cruzeiro stepped forward on the opening episode of the game, establishing a 19-14 after a killing block from Isac. The distance remained until the 25th point, with a very strong version of the host team - one strong enough to keep the momentum on the second set, when Paykan tried to emerge. Another set of Isac’s blocks and a solid teamwork made the fans celebrate one more time.

Although coach Peyman Akbari tried several substitutions, the tide of the game didn’t change at all. Sada Cruzeiro held to their winning spirit and, after a point scored by Eder with his head, it was clear that they were en-route to the win. The hall exploded after the final point, a long serve by Paykan that boosted Cruzeiro to another world final.


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