Alekno admits big emotions during the game against UPCN San Juan


Betim, Brazil, October 30, 2015 - It doesn’t matter how experienced you are; playing a World Championship semifinal is always a challenging situation. That’s what Russian coach Vladimir Alekno confessed after having won the game against a resilient UPCN San Juan.

Javier Filardi, UPCN San Juan captain: “Congratulations to Zenit Kazan for the win and hope they have a good final match. We always tried our best, but they overcame us with their abilities. I’m at peace with what we did, as the season is just beginning for us but we still look forward to improve. We care about every ball and we fought for that at every moment.”

Nikolay Apalikov, Zenit Kazan captain: “You don’t have to take into consideration that the score was 3-0 to analyse this match - it was a complicated and difficult game. We’re satisfied about this win and the ticket to the final, which it’s going to be difficult as well as both possible opponents are very good teams, of a similar level.”

Fabián Armoa, UPCN San Juan coach: “It was a very demanding game for us. I want not only to congratulate Zenit Kazan but also my team, as this match was very important itself for our whole institution. To be playing among the world’s best at a World Championship is a huge deal. And we faced the match with dignity, trying to win at every moment.”

Vladimir Alekno, Zenit Kazan coach: “I was very nervous ahead of and during the game - I think that even more than the team. I was worried about this result. Now that we’ve done it, I’m satisfied and relieved, and now I can think on the match tomorrow that will be very important.”


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